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Work with S1ntdns for METAVERSE AI EXHIBITION ( 2022)

Robotic Rhymes is an exciting collaboration between new media artist Sa1ntDenis and musician Piotr Theremin. This one-minute video loop explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, electronic music, and the rich history of dance.

Featuring archive photos from Piotr’s family album of his great grandfather Lev Theremin, the video begins with the colorization and animation of Lev’s image using AI technology. As the video progresses, Lev transforms into a robot playing the theremin electronic music instrument, and a host of other robots join in to dance in different styles and epochs, from the cancan to break-dance and twerk.

This dynamic and innovative artwork showcases the potential of new media to tell stories and explore the past in new and exciting ways.

1n0t0r France, 2021

theremin part and melody
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M1n0t0r est un producteur/ compositeur de musique électronique, Techno DJ et créateur d’expériences en réalité virtuelle.

Sortie en 2021, son œuvre “Knight of the Wailing Stars” est une expérience musicale en VR sous forme de mini-série de 8 épisodes. 2 épisodes sur 8 ont déjà été publiés sur la plateforme VRChat.

Ces expériences ont été nominées deux années consécutives au festival Raindance Immersive dans la catégorie « best multiplayer experience » et « best social impact ».

M1n0t0r a par ailleurs produit le jeu musical interactif « GRID » disponible sur les lunettes 3DoF de la marque HTC « Vive FLOW ».

Lessons of Auschwitz VR film, Russia, 2020

Director – Denis Semenov
EMMY nomination, winner of the Clio Award, CreativePool, etc

Nascimento/Lovera Deriva#7 2018

Spain, Barselona, 2018

This immersive portrait of Peter Theremin, the great-grandson of the ThereminVOX’s Creator and Director of the Russian Theremin School, was held at the Tivoli Theatre in Barcelona(1*). It is the seventh Musical Drift within the practice of the archive that the collective Nascimento/Lovera performed for almost two decades.

In this commissioned art work by Layers of Reality, draw a transversal timeline of the year 1919 which is plotted in the context of Russia, Spain and Venezuela.

Peter Theremin executes a musical variation of the artists on the Mikhail Glinka´s theme Skylark, father of the Russian musical nationalism. This dark and martial version inspired also by 1919 venezuelan historical circumstances (*2) in which the cultural movement “Renovación” was developed and where composer Vicente Emilio Sojo was a determinant figure for the rescuing of the national legacy in the academic field.

In 1919´s Russia, during one of the most violent years on which raised the Soviet empire, the inventor Lev Sergeyevich Theremin creates the first electronic musical instrument: the ThereminVOX, a paradoxical artifact in itself by being played without being touched.

Lenin was impressed during the demonstration of the device performed in his office. The potential of converting the instrument into an icon of the revolution, which has its mottos the electrification of the country, will promote the development of the project with the intention of its massive production. Skylark was one of the pieces interpreted for the occasion and at the end of the recital, Lenin asks Theremin to teach him to execute the theme with the complex instrument. The musician accesses and manipulates the hands of the dictator for several minutes, until he himself controls the device thanks to his musical skills.

YA. SKRYABIN ( 2017, AI composition)

Peter Theremin – theremin part

Yandex employees Alexey Tikhonov and Ivan Yamshchikov have created a neural network that generates music in different styles. This program has written several tracks in the style of Alexander Scriabin — this year marks 145 years since the birth of the composer.

After that, Maria Chernova, a composer and an expert on Scriabin’s work, wrote an arrangement and brought together the tracks of the neural network, creating a single composition. It was performed at the YaC conference in Moscow.

The main part on the theremin was played by Peter Theremin, the great—grandson of the creator of the musical instrument Lev Theremin. He was accompanied by a chamber orchestra.

The light and graphics for the video sequence that accompanied the performance were also composed by the program. In the video, the performance of Peter Theremin and the orchestra begins at 1:38.

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