My name is Peter Theremin, I am a theremin performer and electronic composer, as well as the head of the Theremin School.

Swan for BBC MUSIC

I am glad to welcome you to my website!

If you would like :

  1. recording a theremin for your project
  2. new music for your project or a soundscape created using a theremin
  3. concert (academic, electronic and ethnic music)
  4. Lecture on the history of the theremin and the early history of electronic music
  5. a theremin master class or a training course you can contact me by e-mail


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Peter Theremin - Theremin

Peter Theremin (1991)

Thereminist, header Theremin School
the organizer of  the festival of theremin culture «Thereminology», creator of web-portal about theremin «Theremin Times», the great-grandson of Leon Theremin. Works with theremin in genres: classical, contemporary . improvised music. the author of a series of lectures on the history of electromusic, on the history of the theremin . The author of the course «Theremin for 24 hours.»

More than 1000 performances (lectures, concerts, master classes). Performances were held in different cities of Russia, Belarus, France, Ukraine, Germany, Estonia, Japan.

In 2016 and 2019 he held a tour of Japan with Natalia Theremin.

Winner of the British award “Creativpool”, the American award “Clio Music” ( 2021)

Laureate of the Pause program of the Collège de France, he is welcomed in residence at the Muse en circuit – national center for digital creation in the fall of 2022/23.

booking – thereminschool@ya.ru

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